License Terms for using Music from Advance Music Library in productions

Free to use on YouTube


Tracks are registered with Content ID that means that we will receive a microincome from ads displaying on your videos. You are free to use the tracks on any YouTube video, worldwide including advertising videos uploaded on YouTube. Your videos will not be taken down or muted by using music from Advance Music Library. You can just download any track from the library and use it on any YouTube video without an account.

License Option A – Subscription Access


299€ per year – Unlimited Access

– Download and use all music & access to all new tracks for 1 year

– Use on YouTube (monetization included – we will clear all copyright claims)

– Use music in Podcasts

– Use music in free apps

– Use music in presentations

– Use music on Kickstarter, Indiegogo & crowfunding campaigns

– Use music on FB Ads, Instagram Ads and Tik Tok videos (commercial use)


Music downloaded under the subscription model can not be used in Films, TV / Radio shows, TV advertising, Films and Thetrical productions. If you would like to use music in one of those media production you need to purchase the Gold or Premium license for each track.

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Option B – Per Track License

YouTube Monetization / Silver license

49€ per track

You can use all our music on YouTube videos and fully monetize your videos. All copyright claims for your video will be cleared and removed.

You can use the same track in unlimited videos on same channel.

You can also use music in FB Ads, Instagram Ads, Tik Tok, presentations, websites, crowdfunding campaigns, podcasts and online videos.

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Gold License

100€ per track

You can use our music on

– Regional TV 

– Regional Radio Shows

– Advertisements broadcasted in one country

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Premium License

1000€ per track

You can use our music on

– Films and Movies series (Netflix etc) broadcasted local, national, worldwide

– Advertising broadcasted in more than one country

– Theatrical productions

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